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Do you remember when you were last immersed and moved by a good film performance?

A performance that turned your understanding of people upside down and made the world infinite.

If being captivated by the film performances of other actors is not enough and you rather master acting in front of a camera and create strong characters and truthful, emotional experiences yourself, our 1-year certified master’s in film acting is definitely for you.

The course is for you who is a professional actor and want to achieve more in your acting work in front of a camera. You will learn to create strong performances in front of a camera that go deeper than storytelling and your own color palette.

Our certified master in film acting alternates between theory, practice, and evaluation.

The training includes both live and online elements with in-depth workshops in Copenhagen, webinars as well as coaching and mentoring through individual zoom-sessions.

Apart from gaining a solid base of methods within instrumental- and character work, emotional communication, and performance analysis based on Balcazar Teknik®, the training will equip you with knowledge, tools, and practical experience.

Throughout the whole course, you will get a lot of practical exercises and tasks that constantly ensure that you are challenged and that are customized to your personal development. The course ends with professional production of your own work – showreel.

Everyone who completes the course’s 4 modules and passes the certification exam, with an external examiner, achieves the title ‘Certified Master in Film Acting – Balcazar Teknik®.


Master in Film Acting – Balcazar Teknik® consists of 4 modules, a show-reel production and a final certification with an external examiner.

Each module stretches over 3 months and each module builds on the previous module with the techniques and methods we teach.

In each module we work with an emphasis on a specific acting area:

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Each module begins with us meeting for a 3-day workshop so there is plenty of time to work in-depth and focus on the individual elements in the course.

At the end of the module, we meet again for a 2-day workshop to ensure the quality of the practical work. We will hold a follow-up online webinar midway through the module where everyone can ask questions and share experiences.

Each module starts with an hour of individual performance analysis online, where we focus on optimizing your work and clarifying personal goals based on resources, potential, and shortcomings.

You will be given tasks that you must work on in-between the modules and you will receive continuous mentoring and coaching of your work with an individual 30-minute zoom session each week where we will get an overview of your work process and artistic development.

In addition, will you get access to a closed Facebook group where you can search and discuss topics and share your work with others if you wish to.

To ensure quality in teaching, mentoring, and coaching, there are only 4 vacancies.

Module 1: Instrumental work (November-January)

Primary objective:

The actors will learn to optimize their screen presence in front of a camera. The basic pillar of the actors is defined. Own emotional landscape and habitual thinking are researched, expanded, and optimized, and one learns basic work in emotional communication as well as various tools for presence, cantering, sense of strength, and action.

We will also work with the cinematic space and how to plan the performance time in front of the camera. 

3-day intensive workshop:

  • day 1: emotional body – centering and screen presence
  • day 2: emotional energy – experience and narration
  • day 3: The cinematic room and the cinematic time

Mentoring and coaching INSTRUMENT Individual online 30 minutes per week 

We will work with your instrumental development and on personal goals using Balcazar Teknik®-tasks in presence, room, and energy.

Module 2: Character-work (February-April)

Primary objective:

The actors will learn to build strong, three-dimensional characters that have a sound base in a human psyche and that function naturally in front of the camera.

In the lessons, actors are given various tools to both build characters and anchor themselves into navigating the emotional moments.

The purpose is to produce vivid and effective acting performances, where the actor does not have to get in touch with its own emotional matter to produce these emotions.

The emotions generated are genuine, but not their own. The actor learns to work with emotional energy in character and thus release presence, strategies, and “external” emotional resources, which serve to release the capabilities of the instrument.

We will also work on expanding the individual actor’s own color palette.

3-day intensive workshop:

  • day 1: character creation and the unconscious mind
  • day 2: character design and change
  • day 3: character management – instrumental-work.

Mentoring and coaching Character individual zoom 30 min per week

We will work with your character development and gestalt as well as personal goals using Balcazar Teknik®-tasks in character, body, energy, intuition and breathing.

Module 3: text work (May-July)

Primary objective:

The actors learn to make their own instrument and make the created character available to the text.

The individual actor will learn to produce narrative messages that correspond with the character’s psychology. Based on the interaction between impressions and expressions, the actor will gain insight into how he or she can create dynamics and emotional precision in the development and turning points of the storrytelling, without the performance seeming forced.

We will work with texts and emotional communication, direction, journey, and dramaturgy.

 3-day intensive workshop:

  • Day 1: emotional reading and the personal suggestion
  • Day 2: character experience and narration
  • Day 3: storytelling tools – direction

 Mentoring and coaching STORYTELLING – individual zoom 30 minutes per week

We will work with emotional storytelling, character experience and direction as well as your personal goal using Balcazar Teknik®-tasks in analysis, experiences, direction, emotional moments, and management of emotional energy.

Module 4: FINAL EXAMINATION (August-October)

SHOWREEL – in collaboration with POTENTA

In practice, the actors will test their knowledge of instrument, character, and narrative. They will develop three scenes based on their own choice in relation to personal branding, future career wishes, and artistic work.

We will work with the idea and character development, and based on our own scenes, we will in collaboration with Potenta produce a 3-minute showreel of high quality. The film is a professional visiting card suitable for SoMe distribution.

A 1-day intensive workshop on creativity and project development.



Based on their own texts, the individual actor is given the opportunity to record three scenes together with professional filmmakers. The scenes are cut to a 3 min. showreel film, which will be delivered digitally and is suitable for professional branding and SoMe distribution. The showreel will be produced in collaboration with POTENTA.

The price includes:

  • Preproduction: development (working with the student) 
  • Shooting: day 1 – 5 pages of script – photographer – sound design – equipment – director 
  • Postproduction: Performance-analysis – 2 cut corrections – post-production audio work – grading – texts – a digital copy of the work



We will end the course with a certification exam and a showreel screening, which will give you the opportunity to market your work, and you will get in on paper that you have a Master in Film Acting – Balcazar Teknik®.

The test is divided into two parts and consists of

  • a showreel-presentation with assessment from external censors
  • an online certification test

You have to pass both parts to receive a certification. 

Price: special offer for one year’s certified Master in film acting – Balcázar Teknik®

  • The first installment of 65.000 kr. excl. VAT


  • 12 months installments of 5.650 kr. excl. VAT

Special Corona-offer:

  • 18 months installments of 3.800 kr. excl. VAT


  • You are a qualified actor or work as a professional actor with some years of experience.
  • You can participate in at least 80% of the classes.
  • You have access to zoom and can record yourself at home with either a digital camera or a mobile phone that films in good image quality.
  • You are passionate about going into detail with the whole process – all year round, as registration is binding for the entire course.



To be taken into consideration for this course you have to send a motivational letter of application, a cv, and a film on 5 minutes that showcases your skills in front of a camera. It can be a showreel, a self-tape or a film clip you find relevant and representative of your work. 

The course starts with the first workshop 13-15 November 2021.

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Notice:  We take Corona into account in our classrooms and make sure that there is a safe distance between the participants and for the necessary hygiene conditions.


Module 1, November 2021 – January 2022

  • November 13-15: three-day workshop in Copenhagen
  • November 16-20:  individual online performance-analysis 1 hour
  • December 10: follow-up online-webinar with questions and elaboration
  • January 9-10: two-day workshop in Copenhagen – quality assurance
  • January 25-29:  Individual online evaluation

On an ongoing basis weekly consultation of 30 min. duration on Thursdays – book a time slot.

Module 2, February – April 2022

  • February 12-14: three-day workshop in Copenhagen
  • February 15-19: individual online mentoring with focus on character, 1 hour
  • March 19: follow-up online-webinar with questions and elaboration
  • April 10-11: two-day workshop in Copenhagen – quality assurance
  • April 26-30:  Individual online evaluation

On an ongoing basis: weekly consultations of 30 min duration on Thursdays – book a time slot.    

Module 3, May – July 2022

  • May 14-16: three-day workshop in Copenhagen
  • May 17-21:  individual online mentoring with the focus on character, 1 hour
  • May 28: follow-up online-webinar with questions and elaboration
  • June 11-12: two-day workshop in Copenhagen – quality assurance
  • June 21-25: Individual online evaluation

On an ongoing basis: weekly consultations of 30 min. duration on Thursdays – book a time slot.    

Module 4, August – October 2022

  • June 25: one-day workshop in Copenhagen
  • June 28- July 2: individual online sessions (1 hour) master project
  • July – Showreel preproduction
  • On an ongoing basis: weekly consultations of 30 min. duration throughout July
  • August- September: shooting and postproduction

Ongoing throughout: individual showreel procedure.

The final exhibition and certification October 2022

October 4-8 – intern showreel – displaying and certificating

21 October – showreel showcase and conclusion

“The Balcazar technique seems rather mysterious at first, but I quickly experience it as the most natural way to let the character come into the world. I’m just letting it happen. I now know that I stand with a tool that is completely unique ”.

Jens Haubek The Nordic Film Acting Institute studerende

Jens Haubek

Actor & Visual Artist

“I got Emma recommended by my manager Anne Lindberg, as I have for a long time wanted to go to teaching again. I have worked in film and television for many years and know how important it is to constantly develop -and Emma’s techniques, teaching and being are some of the most educational I have ever experienced. I can feel a huge development in myself from time to time. Emma creates a space where one’s talent can flourish and which is safe and I highly recommend Emma to anyone who wants to develop as an actress. “

Sarah Sofie Boussnina testimonial The Nordic Film Acting Institute

Sarah-Sofie Boussnina


“Balcazar technique is for me eternally alive. It gives me the freedom to step into any character and perform sincerely.”

Herve Toure The Nordic Film Acting Institute studerende

Hervé Touré


“I had become acquainted with Emma’s working method through the morning training course at the Association. A concrete and direct approach to the cinematic expression versus the theater, which is where I am most used. I experienced how she was already there, with her very sharp gaze and a special sense , so what prevented me from letting things flow naturally and with a few corrections gave me tools to change and develop what needed to be done. “

Tine Gotthelf Boussnina testimonial The Nordic Film Acting Institute

Tine Gotthelf

Actor- DSF




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